Saturday, June 21, 2014

It's been too long

Well, it's been a few months since I posted any photographs. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to travel much recently, so I have been focusing on cooking. If you love to look at photographs of food or want ideas of what to make please check out my instagram feed (victoriamarie2104). I'm posting photos on their fairly often now that I have an iphone. I love how easily I can tweak my photos and post them from my phone!

Just an FYI for anybody who visits my blog, I will be heading to Hokkaido for 4 days. This means that I will be taking photographs with my Nikon once again! I can't wait to play around with my camera, because it has been too long. I've been attached to my iphone camera a little too much, although I do have to say it takes good quality photographs for a phone camera.

I will definitely be posting to my instagram account of my trip, but also expect photos to be posted on my blog once least until I run through all of my photos.

Until then here are a few photographs that I didn't have a chance to upload from my visit to the Dale Chihuly exhibit. If you haven't been and you are in the area, what are you waiting for? You won't regret it!


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