Monday, June 27, 2011

Ninja Museum Part II Fini

If you want to see some Ninja weapons and other equipment this post is for you!

How to walk on water!

Ninja house.

Ninja clothing.

A view of the Museum.

A ninja sword with pictures of how to use it!

Now, what kind of ninja post would this be without some Ninja Stars!
 Who knew there were so many different kinds?

A small scale mock up of a old town village.
 It has a cow and everything!

Some old masks to disguise their face in case they are spotted.

Anyone interested in a very old cushion to sit on?

Some alchemist tools that a Ninja would use. Apparently, they created their own devices and medicine!

Different hiding places for a Ninja! I just loved the graphics!

Some traditional old clothing a Ninja would wear. Apparently, navy blue was a common color for clothing, to keep the mosquitoes away, not black. I knew you just had to know that!

 For a female Ninja, of course it's pink! What other color would a female Ninja wear?

Anybody interested in a scarf with a Ninja theme?

Well, this brings us to the end of the Ninja Museum! It is a small museum, but that's because there isn't a lot of items left from that time. But, of what is left I think people have been able to figure out a lot about Ninjas! If you are going to visit this museum the city it's in is Ninja crazy! You will see things related back to Ninjas all over the town! I even saw a big Ninja figurine on top of a car! Yes, they are that proud of being known for Ninjas!

Happy Ninja Searching!


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  2. Thank you very much! I tried to be as accurate as I could be.

  3. Wow!! It is amazing post!
    It would be more perfect if you could take a shot every thing displayed there completely and share in this post. and one more thing, if this post using title "NINJA MUSEUM PART II" so where is "NINJA MUSEUM PART I"?

  4. Hi Bayu! Thank you very much!
    As for part I it is called "Who Wants To Go To the Ninja Museum.....I Do!". Sorry for the bad cataloging. It was before I started really paying attention to my titles. I hope you enjoy Part I as much as you enjoyed Part II!

    Oh, and the museum is fairly small so what I showed you is almost everything that they have except for maybe a handful of items.