Friday, June 3, 2011

A Little Piece of Heaven

 My friend and I were walking around Osu Kannon and decided to take a coffee break. Well, Osu Kannon isn't the cleanest or the prettiest place. So we were pleasantly surprised when we randomly selected this coffee shop and went upstairs and found how different it was from the atmosphere just outside the cafe.

 I loved the lighting and how from the second floor you could look over the first floor. I'm sure the customers downstairs really appreciated having their photo taken from the second floor.

 This was my iced coffee that I ordered and it was pretty good. It was a simple flavor and good for a warm day walking around.

I had this lovely view leaving the second floor. It's a very calming atmosphere, don't you think? If I can find this cafe again I will definitely be stopping here for a coffee break!