Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Seattle Series: On the Bremerton Ferry

A friend of mine suggested that I take the Bremerton Ferry to go to Seattle. She said that it has a different view from when you are driving to Seattle and you get to see the entire skyline for  cheaper price than a cruise on the water. 

I decided to take her advice and I am glad I did. I had an awesome view of downtown Seattle as the ferry pulled into the dock. But, it was very peaceful and quiet to be on a ferry and watching the scenery pass by. 

This way there is no stress of looking for parking, paying for parking, driving on the freeway or another or varieties of stress that we can get from driving. (Can you tell I'm not that into driving?) I wish I could fly and land where I want like a Seagull. But then again, maybe not. This Seagull had the hardest time landing from the wind.

But, he does have the best view going into the city.

 The ferry had really big windows so you could have a great view of the scenery outside without the wind.

I'm still surprised to find a Ferris Wheel on one of the piers. Was that always there? Or is it a new attraction?

The things we notice when don't live there.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Seattle Series: Two Ways to Seattle

 From my hometown of Gig Harbor, there are two ways to get to Seattle. The first is by crossing this bridge, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. When you cross this bridge going to Seattle you have to pay a toll, but coming back there is no toll.

I just wanted to show this picture, because the Tacoma Narrows Bridge has been a view that I had seen for so many days from 1996-2010. Some days I actually miss crossing over it and seeing the Puget Sound.  Of course, of clear days you can see Mt. Rainier which is slightly visible on the left of the bridge. You can see the white peak, but it was a little too hazy to get a clear shot of it. It was either this or nothing during my visit. (T-T)

 The other way to get to Seattle from Gig Harbor is by using the Bremerton Ferry! This way you don't have to worry about parking in Seattle and you can see the Seattle skyline before the ferry docks!

In Bremerton there is a Naval ship Yard, so you will also see a lot of Naval ships for those of you interested.

Now Anthony's is a pretty well-known restaurant in Seattle and there is one in various locations. Bremerton is apparently one of those locations! As you can see some people are enjoying a nice relaxing breakfast at Anthony's with a ocean view.

 I really liked this fountain. It has 4 levels and the water is going from the bottom level to the next level and so on. As you can see, it can also be a good location for a snack break or lunch.

 There was a huge ship propeller with various images etched on it to depict the history of Bremerton's relationship with the navy. You can see the whole propeller in photo #2 above.

 In case you need to wait for the warship tour or if you just want to take in the ocean air.

Anybody interested in touring the warship? If you are you know where to go.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Seattle Series: Ducks and Canadian Geese

Ducks by a pond.

Ah, warm sunlight I will enjoy you for as long as I can until Winter comes and takes you away until next year.

Canadian Geese at Point Defiance until they fly South for the Winter, or they may be gone already.

How are these little ducklings going to fly South for the Winter? Will they be big enough to go with the flock?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Seattle Series: Dahlias in the Garden

This isn't a Dahlia, but I liked the bee in the middle of the ...cosmos?...

This makes me think of  the sun when we try to look right at it....it hurts.

I love the pink stripes running through the white petals.

In hiding

Where the idea of pompoms came from?...maybe...

It looks prickly, but it's not. It's just showing off.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Seattle Series: A Variety of Flowers in the Garden

If you love flowers or colors, or you just need an escape, I recommend that you visit this flower garden by Point Defiance Zoo.

I'm not sure what is offered in Winter, but in summer it was beautiful! I suspect that it is beautiful in Autumn as well with the leaves changing color on the surrounding trees.

There are some great benches to sit and relax on while you are here.

So much color! Great job with planting!

I really like Dahlias and here I saw some that I didn't know existed! (But then again I don't even know flower names other than the very general names)

Hello Dahlia!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Seattle Series: Flower Garden by Point Defiance Zoo

In the city of Ruston, Wa. about 45 minutes by car from Seattle you will find this beautiful flower garden.

The roses were in bloom while I was here in August.

I enjoyed the variety of colors that I found in this garden!

Unfortunately, I am not good with flower names so I can't tell you what kind of flower this is.

If you do know the different names please let me know! I would like to know!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Seattle Series: Chambers Creek and Titlow Beach

I remember coming here in 2003-ish and thankfully this area has not changed! (Titlow Beach)

(Chambers Creek)

(Chambers Creek)

Many people in Seattle enjoy kayaking! This a good activity for summer, but maybe winter is a little too cold for it. (Chambers Creek)

(Chambers Creek)

From here you have a closer view of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. Going to the Gig Harbor side is free, but coming back you have to pay a toll. (Titlow Beach)

I'm positive I saw this same boat, or a boat that looks exactly like it, when I visited here around 2003! (Titlow Beach)

It must be nice to have a house over the water. Summer dinners on the deck must be very relaxing!
(Titlow Beach)