Thursday, June 30, 2011

Four different views of Nagoya TV Tower

I still have not gone to the top yet. One of these days I will and take pictures of the view from up there. For now, I hope these pictures of the tower itself, which is a landmark of Nagoya, will do for now.
Happy Tower Viewing!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Falling Water

 In Nagoya it is ridiculously hot and it's only going to get HOTTER!!! (o_0) I hope these pictures of water will help to keep you cool where ever you are!

 Sorry, this picture ended up a little darker than I had wanted, but I still like it.

I was surprised to see this live turtle in the pond. I wasn't expecting to see one.

I hope these photos helped you to think cool thoughts for these hot days!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Ninja Museum Part II Fini

If you want to see some Ninja weapons and other equipment this post is for you!

How to walk on water!

Ninja house.

Ninja clothing.

A view of the Museum.

A ninja sword with pictures of how to use it!

Now, what kind of ninja post would this be without some Ninja Stars!
 Who knew there were so many different kinds?

A small scale mock up of a old town village.
 It has a cow and everything!

Some old masks to disguise their face in case they are spotted.

Anyone interested in a very old cushion to sit on?

Some alchemist tools that a Ninja would use. Apparently, they created their own devices and medicine!

Different hiding places for a Ninja! I just loved the graphics!

Some traditional old clothing a Ninja would wear. Apparently, navy blue was a common color for clothing, to keep the mosquitoes away, not black. I knew you just had to know that!

 For a female Ninja, of course it's pink! What other color would a female Ninja wear?

Anybody interested in a scarf with a Ninja theme?

Well, this brings us to the end of the Ninja Museum! It is a small museum, but that's because there isn't a lot of items left from that time. But, of what is left I think people have been able to figure out a lot about Ninjas! If you are going to visit this museum the city it's in is Ninja crazy! You will see things related back to Ninjas all over the town! I even saw a big Ninja figurine on top of a car! Yes, they are that proud of being known for Ninjas!

Happy Ninja Searching!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Who wants to go to the Ninja Museum?.....I do!

 Off to see the Ninja house and museum!

 Before going into the Ninja house I spotted this shrine that had many Torii's! I had never seen so many in a row before!

 The view of the Ninja house! Do you feel like you are back in the day of the Ninja?

 Sato disappearing into Ninja hidding spot #1.

 Can you spot Ninja hiding spot #2? This might be a little tricky, but that annoyingly bright light should be a very BIG hint, because back in the day it wasn't there and you couldn't see anything up top. Don't worry when the light is off you can't see anything up there!
Do you see that shelf? Well, that shelf isn't really a shelf. It's actually a ladder for a Ninja to climb up to that hiding spot! If you push in the middle notch it releases the ladder....Very cool! Unfortunately, I was too amazed to take a picture. You will just have to visit!

Ninja hiding spot #3! A Ninja could escape out this door OR enter through this secret door! It can only be opened with a thin piece of paper to open the door. It would be a good way to hide outside and then come back in.

Ninja hiding spot #4! This doorway actually allows a Ninja to go under the house and it would connect to an escape route or entrance to the house, it depends on how you want to use it! With the door closed it just looks like another wall!

Ninja hiding spot #5! This is a very small space. It's only big enough for one person to stand in. There are some small slits on the other side of the wall so the Ninja could see if the coast was clear to come out or not.

Ninja hiding spot #6! It's actually more of a hiding spot for a Ninja's weapons, but hey they still used it. A very small Ninja may be able to fit in there!

Ninja hiding spot #7! Again this was a secret hiding spot for their weapons, but still only a Ninja would know that it was there!

Can you guess where the hiding spot is?.........No? Is it too difficult? You can find the answer at the end of this post!

This brings us to the end of the Ninja house tour! Next time, I will post my photos of the various weapons, clothing, etc. that Ninja's used! I hoped you enjoyed seeing the many places a Ninja could possibly hide! Of course, this is only one house it's possible that every Ninja had their own secret hiding place built in their house that others wouldn't know of. Too bad we will never know.....

So the answer to the previous picture: Don't worry it's difficult to find the hiding spot, because there isn't one! hehe I just thought you might enjoy a peek at what the kitchen looked like.......

For those of you who are interested in visiting this Ninja museum it's in Mie prefecture. Mie is about a couple hours drive from Nagoya. Although, I can't recommend going to Mie just for the Ninja Museum. You will probably be disappointed, because it is very small and there isn't much left. But, if you happen to be out in this direction, say at Moku Moku Farm, then it might be worth your while to check it out. 
Happy Ninja hiding spot hunting!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monta the Cardboard Destroyer!

 A taste test...

 Full flavor appreciation....

 The sniff test....

 Apparently, it didn't pass muster so now it must be destroyed!

The massacre.....ohhhh the massacre!

Monta for some reason loves to destroy his cardboard scratching board. He will play with his toys a little bit, but then go straight back to the cardboard. I'm really hoping it's a phase, because my apartment is becoming covered in itty-bitty pieces of cardboard that get stuck to the bottom of my feet....Gah!!  |(0_o*) /

Friday, June 17, 2011

Moku Moku Farms Part III...Fini

If you want to see the mini pigs this is where you can see them. They have their own show! Sato and I missed it, because we were in the middle of eating. (T-T)

The barbeque beer house. It's all pork and a couple options of vegetables.

I thought it was funny that they had pigs in the toilet marks. Don't you think so?

Sato starving and having to wait for his food.

Me, slightly hungry and waiting for my food.

I liked the beams in this restaurant. I'm not sure if it was necessary have this many beams or if it was for the effect.....maybe a little of both?

My beer and yogurt! Yes, I had a beer on this trip too....someone save me! Moku Moku makes their own beer and it was really easy to drink! They had a sampler set for their beers and I was tempted, but then I realized I would be the only one drinking (Sato was driving) and so I opted against it....Hopefully, next time!

Professional sausage makers! Sorry about the terrible photo, I couldn't get my camera to focus any better. The window was made of plastic so there was a lot of glare from the lights on my side of the shop. But, you can still see the many, many, many sausages that are hanging in the background!

I thought these pig cookies were cute! They just can't get enough of pigs....and apparently, neither can I.

My gelato!! It was 250 yen for 2 flavors PLUS a free taste of another flavor! I had the Matcha gelato and the Premium Milk gelato plus a free taste test of the their Latte gelato.......too good to express in words. You will just have to try it yourself!

I liked the "lifecycle of a cow" on my gelato cup. Just for those situations where you are eating ice cream and start wondering to yourself "I wonder what the life cycle of a cow is like?".

The myriad of options of beer at Moku Moku Farms. I liked the label with Chopin on it!

If you are in Nagoya and think to yourself that you would like to visit a farm or eat a lot of organic pork then Moku Moku Farms is for you! Or if you just want a fun little outing with your family this is an option, because as they say "there isn't much to do in Nagoya" that could be a bad thing and a good thing at the same time. It makes you want to visit other places in Japan, but the bad part is you need the finances to do this. Currently, I am in the needing the finances to do this portion so please bear with me as I focus on mostly Nagoya at this moment. Which might actually be a good thing, because I can show the different things you can do or different places that you can go to in Nagoya!