Sunday, October 30, 2011

Tokoname,Japan: Finally the End

 A balcony on a chimney.....maybe there used to be a ladder leading to the opening to load the wood inside....

 Old houses ready for tourists!

 Mini ceramic pieces

An old house and chimney looking out on the changing view

 Roof decoration in use

Tokoname is a great little city. For people interested in art or history it is a good idea to take some time to visit.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Tokoname: The Colors Around Town

Modern homes on one side, if you want to see the older houses please go here There is a photograph of what the houses used to look like in this town.

 Here is the photograph I had promised of the color version. I liked the fact that the texture of the paint on the metal is the same as the clouds in the sky.

 More town art.

 Stairs leading to a shrine.....I think it was a shrine. I could have remembered this incorrectly. It happens....a lot.

 Here is the old and the modern mixing together in this town.

 The handiwork at the glassblowing shop. Hoping to visit this shop when they are open and try my hand at glassblowing!

 Modern items with reflections of the old.

 This building is coated with tar to help preserve the wood. The red bars were used to roll ceramic pipes to the drying room before being fired in the kiln.

A view behind

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tokoname: Sunset Over The Town

 Connections in Tokoname

Outline of a roof top

Sunset with mountains and town

I was surprised to suddenly see water from the hill that I had walked up. I knew I was close to the water since Tokoname is close to Nagoya's Airport, but I didn't think I would be able to have a glimpse of it on this visit.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Tokoname, Japan: In Neutral Colors

Tokoname is a great city to spend walking around for a few hours. It's pretty quiet and has an easy-going feel.

 An old path between houses

 Glimpses of chimneys

 Another pathway.

 Metal roofing with a similar texture as the clouds in the sky. I have a color version of this as well. I will post it in another one since it has a beautiful blue color like the sky.

 The city caught in a grid.

 Chimney and moon.

 Roof decoration.

Tie your bad fortune to this beam so it won't come true.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Tokoname: Ceramics Around The Town

Okay, I know he isn't a ceramic figurine, but he was too cute to not include in my blog.

 This bottle used to be used to carry sake in....but that was a LONG time ago. Now, I guess it's for decoration.

 I loved the shattered look of this black siding.

 A shiny Ojizou-san.

Another little friend that was taking a nap.

 Some ceramics for sale. I liked the natural colors.

I'm not sure what these are for other than just for decoration.

 I liked the fishes that were drawn on this pot and all in one color!

 Very old school!

I enjoyed seeing the various ways that this town found to re-use the ceramics that were broken and couldn't be sold.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Tokoname: Breaking Down Further With Each Passing Day

 A Kiln looks newer than the others.

 Let's get a fire going

 Remnants of past ceramics that were baked here.

 Extra ceramics available.

With an easy pour spout.

 No longer in use.

 Broken down factory

Leftovers of what used to be made here.

 Plenty of scrap metal to go around.

A complete break down.

Tokoname is a beautiful city, but many people that are left here are older or no longer live here. It's a shame that beautiful ceramics aren't being made as much as they used to be. I hope this art doesn't die out over time.

There is one gallery that is run by a Western man. He has choosen ceramics to be his medium. I believe you can visit his place and make some pottery. Of course, there are quite a few places to do this, but his place may be the only place where English is understood well. If you are worried about not understanding Japanese enough to make something there is the option of visiting his gallery. To find his gallery or any of the other galleries I recommend that you make a stop at the information office which is located in the train station! Very convenient and they have staff members that can speak English! Plus, there are maps and information books in English, Korean, Chinese and of course, Japanese!