Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tokoname: Ojizou-san and Structures

An exposed chimney stack plus the moon at 4 in the afternoon!

At the entrance of the park and on the way to stores that sell ceramic items. The red column on the right is a post office mailbox. I don't see these very often. Usually they are big red square things that aren't very interesting. But then again, maybe this is only interesting because it is the old style.

Part of the structure in the park. There was a big abstract art piece in this park. I will post the pictures in the next post.

The walking area in the park had, of course, the recycled ceramic tiles.

Another chimney stack, but this time it is covered by brick.

One of many store fronts selling ceramic items.

This store sold ceramics, art prints of Ojizou-sans and Kakigouri! Shaved ice with syrup in summer is so refreshing!

Some of the ojizou-san art prints.

One of many Ojizou-san statues.

Different style of the pathway.

Another little statue. It has a specific name, but it has escaped me.

A sign with an Ojizou-san on it.

This was a hand drawn sign by, I'm assuming, the store owner. It was just a piece of paper held in place by the clipboard. I'm thinking they change this sign, if not everyday, every once in a while.

These were some of the photos that I took in Tokoname city. I have more photos of the area and some random ceramic pieces. There was a wall of random ceramic pieces, many were broken or unsellable for whatever reason, and used as wall art. It was pretty impressive with the colors and shapes. I will post those photos soon.

Up next, the abstract art in the park made from 3-D pyramid spikes and bright colors!