Friday, October 28, 2011

Tokoname: The Colors Around Town

Modern homes on one side, if you want to see the older houses please go here There is a photograph of what the houses used to look like in this town.

 Here is the photograph I had promised of the color version. I liked the fact that the texture of the paint on the metal is the same as the clouds in the sky.

 More town art.

 Stairs leading to a shrine.....I think it was a shrine. I could have remembered this incorrectly. It happens....a lot.

 Here is the old and the modern mixing together in this town.

 The handiwork at the glassblowing shop. Hoping to visit this shop when they are open and try my hand at glassblowing!

 Modern items with reflections of the old.

 This building is coated with tar to help preserve the wood. The red bars were used to roll ceramic pipes to the drying room before being fired in the kiln.

A view behind