Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tokoname: Pyramid Spike Art

I loved this wall art in the park! It was so random and unexpected in Tokoname!

By this point I had gotten used to the old town feel that Tokoname has.

I liked the use of colors in this artwork and how depending on what angle you look at this wall, it changes. If you look at it straight on you notice the colors and shapes.

Then if you walk up close to it you notice that pyramid spikes were used to give it a 3-D effect.

Like this.

Unfortunately, I didn't notice a plaque or anything stating who the artist was. I'm hoping there was one and I was just too absorbed in taking photographs to notice.

This was a wood sculpture that was near the wall art...or maybe it was just left over wood. Either way I liked the ridges in the wood.

Up next the ceramic wall art made from broken and random pieces of ceramics. Some look completely finished, others look they were in the middle of completion when the artist gave up, and then there are those that are broken. But, it's still beautiful!