Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tokoname: Ceramics Reused as Art

Some left over decorative eave tiles.

A view of Tokoname.

More tiles decorated by people. The tiles have drawings and words about the area.

I really enjoyed the pathways. They reused the ceramics that they didn't sell into a different type of art.

Some close-ups of the pathway.

I liked this seating arrangement. Good for a little picnic if you are interested.

Some more use of ceramics to decorate the walls along the pathways.

A black and white version of the walking path.

A look back from the direction that we came from.

This is a wall with ceramic pots that weren't sold for whatever reason.

There are many pathways around this city. They have 2 walking courses, an A course and a B course. We went on the A course which is longer and more popular. I highly recommend a day spent walking around this area. You should also make a stop at the tile museum INEX where you can make a Mosaic out of small tile pieces!