Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tokoname in Nagoya: Walking the Ceramic Path

 Tokoname city is famous for it's traditional kiln fired ceramics. If you saw the previous post you saw the different cats that they have on  display on this main road.

There are many old homes left in this very quiet town. If you live in a busy city like Tokyo you will feel like you are in the middle of no where.

 There are a large amount of ceramic studios where you can try your hand at some pottery! You can try hand molding or the pottery wheel!

 Someone's handiwork at the wheel!

 These are tiles that people drew designs in before it was fired.

Some of them were really cute!

This town does not waste their ceramics! The items they didn't use were used to create artwork around the walking path. This is one of them!

 A gallery that was relatively close to where we started on our path.

Another great use of some pottery!

 A kiln chimney

I have plenty more pictures of Tokoname, just in case you were worried that this was it. I promise they get better, so please stay with me!