Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Moku Moku Farm Part I

This is the restaurant in La Chic in Nagoya. It is called Moku Moku Kaze no Budo and I have to say it is my favorite all you can eat buffet restaurant. Normally, I do not care for buffets, because I can't eat enough to make up for the price. BUT! This restaurant is all organic and has ama~azing food! Lots of vegetables for those of us you don't want to or can't eat meat, or anybody who just likes eating vegetables there are a lot of options here. Don't worry meat lovers there is plenty of dishes for you too! Since this is one of my top 5 restaurants in Nagoya when I found out there was a farm that you could visit I had to go! (This is a picture of Sato being so hungry that he is about to eat the restaurant whole unless they seat him.)

Hello Moku Moku Farm!! After driving 2 hours, and one nap for me, later we are here!

Some beautiful flowers and plants were available for purchase. I'm sorry the color didn't turn out as well as the real thing looked. I am working on getting a better camera!

Cactus were in abundance here.....this is actually my cactus that I have at home. Isn't he cute?!

Fresh vegetables galore!
Sato attempting to make the daikon take flight.

Here's the cactus that I was talking about. I really liked that they added these little glass crows in the planters. They were really cute!

I loved the roots on this bonsai. It was beautiful....now if only I could replicate this at home....

Sauce anyone?

I loved this little pig planter! I really wanted one, but then I came to my senses and realized I didn't have space for it....or plants to plant in it.

The tofu here was delicious! It's fascinating how good tofu can have so much flavor on it's own, just add a little bit of salt.
Edible ra-yu! This is miso in chinese ra-yu, so it was at first sweet and then the fire comes after. I bought some and I love eating it over rice. Probably one of the best purchases that I made here!
Extra virgin oil anyone? Nope, I didn' misspell this one. They don't grow olives here, so of course it's not olive oil!

Stay tuned for the rest of the pictures of Moku Moku Farms! It's a little far, but it would be a fun thing to do with the family without being too expensive. If you have a car and don't mind being in the car for 2 hours then go for it! Hopefully, you like your car mates.....or you do what I did and take a nap. (o^-^o)