Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Il Vecchio and Vincennes Cafe

 Sato and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary at a very nice Italian restaurant called Il Vecchio. It's really close to where Sato works and apparently he had been here a few times with his boss and coworkers. It was an expensive restaurant, but it was definitely worth the price!

 The bread was delicious! I believe they make it themselves and they would offer extra bread if we wanted it. We would have kept accepting except we wanted to be able to eat what we ordered.

 First we had tomatoes and mozzarella with olive oil and basil. Oh, this was delicious and only the beginning!

 Bagna Caude (I'm probably spelling that wrong) base I belive is sardines? It's hard to say because you really don't taste fish or even think "fish" when you eat this. Sato kept trying to think of what their secret ingredient is. The waitress told us the base of it, but of course they add their own personal touches.

 This was the seasonal vegetables that came with the Bagna Caude for dipping. They were very fresh and matched the Bagna Caude perfectly!

 I have to admit I can't remember what kind of fish eggs were sliced and placed atop the pasta, but it had a salty flavor and went very nicely with the spaghetti!

 This pasta had zucchini, red cabbage and squid. Oh so good!

 Sato trying to tell me to stop taking pictures and eat my pasta or he was going to steal my portion....Ha! Good luck!

 Ahhh the roast chicken and asparagus! I'm sure the chicken had a basic seasoning and then roasted.....and yet it was better than any chicken I have tried cooking so far!

 I just ordered the house wine and it was bold and had a hit of spicy-ness to the flavor. I probably should have ordered white since I was having chicken, but it had been a long time since I had wine and I wanted RED! This was a great restaurant for our anniversary and it was quiet and there were only two other couples there so it was fairly quiet. The restaurant is small to keep their quality up and it is noticeable! Also, this keeps the atmosphere cozy and relaxing. (^-^)y

 How could Sato and I not end our night without a nice cup of coffee? Of course, we set off for our favorite cafe, Vincennes! (This is the cinnamon cafe)

 Sato enjoying his cup of coffee and newspaper. You can see the front door area behind Sato on the left.

On Sato's right is the other part of the cafe. My favorite place is the back room that you can see in the background. It's like sitting in your own private room while enjoying coffee. It's especially nice when you don't smoke and everyone else who visits the cafe does. (-_-;)

Oh this was part of the Italian restaurant. The decor was beautiful! That piece in the middle is actually a sink, although I think it's only decorative. Then there is the doorway. I'm not sure what was exactly on the wood pieces, but it went with the restaurant very nicely!