Friday, June 17, 2011

Moku Moku Farms Part III...Fini

If you want to see the mini pigs this is where you can see them. They have their own show! Sato and I missed it, because we were in the middle of eating. (T-T)

The barbeque beer house. It's all pork and a couple options of vegetables.

I thought it was funny that they had pigs in the toilet marks. Don't you think so?

Sato starving and having to wait for his food.

Me, slightly hungry and waiting for my food.

I liked the beams in this restaurant. I'm not sure if it was necessary have this many beams or if it was for the effect.....maybe a little of both?

My beer and yogurt! Yes, I had a beer on this trip too....someone save me! Moku Moku makes their own beer and it was really easy to drink! They had a sampler set for their beers and I was tempted, but then I realized I would be the only one drinking (Sato was driving) and so I opted against it....Hopefully, next time!

Professional sausage makers! Sorry about the terrible photo, I couldn't get my camera to focus any better. The window was made of plastic so there was a lot of glare from the lights on my side of the shop. But, you can still see the many, many, many sausages that are hanging in the background!

I thought these pig cookies were cute! They just can't get enough of pigs....and apparently, neither can I.

My gelato!! It was 250 yen for 2 flavors PLUS a free taste of another flavor! I had the Matcha gelato and the Premium Milk gelato plus a free taste test of the their Latte gelato.......too good to express in words. You will just have to try it yourself!

I liked the "lifecycle of a cow" on my gelato cup. Just for those situations where you are eating ice cream and start wondering to yourself "I wonder what the life cycle of a cow is like?".

The myriad of options of beer at Moku Moku Farms. I liked the label with Chopin on it!

If you are in Nagoya and think to yourself that you would like to visit a farm or eat a lot of organic pork then Moku Moku Farms is for you! Or if you just want a fun little outing with your family this is an option, because as they say "there isn't much to do in Nagoya" that could be a bad thing and a good thing at the same time. It makes you want to visit other places in Japan, but the bad part is you need the finances to do this. Currently, I am in the needing the finances to do this portion so please bear with me as I focus on mostly Nagoya at this moment. Which might actually be a good thing, because I can show the different things you can do or different places that you can go to in Nagoya!