Friday, June 10, 2011

Shall We Picnic In Meijo Park? Part I

Welcome to Meijo Koen!

Off in search of a place to eat our picnic bento.

This could be an option, but maybe a little difficult to fit all four of us and the food.
It's not a park without a big piece of artwork!
So random! There was a windmill in this park, but it was beautiful! it went nicely with the flowers.

It was such a nice day that many families had decided to do the same thing that we did.

The tree that provided us with shade while we devoured our lunch and some more Asahi beer.

Our bento! Thank you Minako for the delicious food!

It was a hot day so having water on hand was a must. Or, if you are this dog taking a rest IN the water is a must.

This windmill grew on me every time I looked at it. If you have a need to see a windmill for one reason or another, there is one in Meijo Koen!

We met many little friends in the park, starting with these dogs! How cute are they? I loved how this bulldog had it's tongue sticking out.....until it slobbered on my skirt.

The bulldog wasn't alone! There were about 4 spaniels sitting in front of the bulldog. This is the mother of the other 3.

For some reason this little guy looked like he had done something wrong......maybe he slobbered on my skirt too and I didn't know it.

Greg and Minako attempting to ride off into the sunset. Of course, Greg refuses to take  picture without doing something funny. Hey, it makes for an interesting picture! I'm not going to complain!

This was only the first half of our park adventure! Stay tuned for more furry friends that we made and other parts of the park! Yes, it's a big park.