Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Moku Moku Farm Part II

Just in case you suddenly had the urge to go to an onsen there is one here!

Not interested in the onsen? How about a foot bath?

Gelato and other goodies inside!

I loved that they had a Green roof, and I don't mean the color!

If you are hungry there a few options for cafes and restaurants.

Sato attempting to "be" in the map.

Frankfurt anyone?

Of course, Sato said "yes"! After I took this picture it was gone in about, oh, 30 seconds.

I love the reused ceramics that they used to decorate the wall.

Pork gift baskets for the pork lover.

Pork croquette and mince pork patties.....if you like pork these are great (according to Sato)!

I loved that they had a sign for how to pet the "mini" pigs.

The gift shop! I love gift shops!

For those of you who have lost your pig head hats they do have them available here.

The cutest piggy figurines you will probably every see. Pig lovers beware you may spend a lot of money in their gift shop!

Sato and I loved these little pigs with wings and holding a heart wand.....yes, I broke down and bought one, and.......I love it!!

There were 3 little lambs, or are these considered to be sheep already? This lamb/sheep was very calm and didn't mind being pet by many many many people. The one on the other side however.....

Kept crying! It would cry even if no one was touching it. This lady was trying to get her picture taken with it and the lamb kept moving before her friend could take her picture.
The one below was eating grass, but apparently it was too lazy to walk around the tree to eat the grass on the other side. be continued....