Sunday, October 28, 2012

Seattle Series: Two Ways to Seattle

 From my hometown of Gig Harbor, there are two ways to get to Seattle. The first is by crossing this bridge, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. When you cross this bridge going to Seattle you have to pay a toll, but coming back there is no toll.

I just wanted to show this picture, because the Tacoma Narrows Bridge has been a view that I had seen for so many days from 1996-2010. Some days I actually miss crossing over it and seeing the Puget Sound.  Of course, of clear days you can see Mt. Rainier which is slightly visible on the left of the bridge. You can see the white peak, but it was a little too hazy to get a clear shot of it. It was either this or nothing during my visit. (T-T)

 The other way to get to Seattle from Gig Harbor is by using the Bremerton Ferry! This way you don't have to worry about parking in Seattle and you can see the Seattle skyline before the ferry docks!

In Bremerton there is a Naval ship Yard, so you will also see a lot of Naval ships for those of you interested.

Now Anthony's is a pretty well-known restaurant in Seattle and there is one in various locations. Bremerton is apparently one of those locations! As you can see some people are enjoying a nice relaxing breakfast at Anthony's with a ocean view.

 I really liked this fountain. It has 4 levels and the water is going from the bottom level to the next level and so on. As you can see, it can also be a good location for a snack break or lunch.

 There was a huge ship propeller with various images etched on it to depict the history of Bremerton's relationship with the navy. You can see the whole propeller in photo #2 above.

 In case you need to wait for the warship tour or if you just want to take in the ocean air.

Anybody interested in touring the warship? If you are you know where to go.