Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Seattle Series: On the Bremerton Ferry

A friend of mine suggested that I take the Bremerton Ferry to go to Seattle. She said that it has a different view from when you are driving to Seattle and you get to see the entire skyline for  cheaper price than a cruise on the water. 

I decided to take her advice and I am glad I did. I had an awesome view of downtown Seattle as the ferry pulled into the dock. But, it was very peaceful and quiet to be on a ferry and watching the scenery pass by. 

This way there is no stress of looking for parking, paying for parking, driving on the freeway or another or varieties of stress that we can get from driving. (Can you tell I'm not that into driving?) I wish I could fly and land where I want like a Seagull. But then again, maybe not. This Seagull had the hardest time landing from the wind.

But, he does have the best view going into the city.

 The ferry had really big windows so you could have a great view of the scenery outside without the wind.

I'm still surprised to find a Ferris Wheel on one of the piers. Was that always there? Or is it a new attraction?

The things we notice when don't live there.