Thursday, November 1, 2012

Seattle Series: Pike Place Market and a Ferris Wheel

As I mentioned in my last post I was very surprised to see a Ferris Wheel here. I didn't have a chance to ride it, but on my next visit. It is called The Seattle Great Wheel and is one of the biggest in the US according to the link above.

Seattle is famous for seafood and Ivars is one of the restaurants people enjoy. Of course, during the summer season there is outdoor seating on the pier. A great way to enjoy a meal!

My favorite Ivars is Ivars Salmon House in Wallingford. I like to eat in the bar during their happy hour. The prices are great for drinks and food! For people on a budget (like me) this is a great option, but it does require transportation to get there.

 Not too far from Ivars you will find the Crab Pot! This place is also very popular and fun for families. You can order a bucket which is where the seafood literally comes in a bucket and then is dumped on the table. Everyone then can eat what is in front of them! If you are looking for a romantic place for dinner I recommend Elliot's Oyster House. Great seafood and they have outdoor seating during the summer. Don't worry the interior is great too!

Eating at the bar is also a fun experience at Elliot's, and if you don't know what to order ask the servers what they recommend and enjoy!

 At Pike Place Market fresh flowers are available everyday. To buy flowers for very cheap wait till close to closing time. The vendors want to get ride of what is left over and are willing to negotiate as well. The down side of course is that you may not get the best bouquet or your favorite flowers. The no risk option is to buy them earlier in the day for the flowers of your choice.

 Pike Place is a market for flowers and food, but you can also find great souvenirs here! On the opposite end of the market you will find jewelry, t-shirts, art prints, and a variety of other original items for a great price! Happy shopping!

 Even the Restroom sign was made to fit in with the decor at Pike Place Market!