Saturday, November 3, 2012

Seattle Series: On the Cobblestone Streets

There are so many shops at Pike Place Market and so many different kinds of people! When you come here you will understand why it is a place not to be missed in Seattle. I think this place in essence shows the atmosphere of Seattle. A mix of people with different tastes and styles. People are friendly, although maybe not California friendly, but still friendly. You will find the spirit of Seattle here. 

You can find the seafood that Seattle is famous for.

FYI: I didn't realize there was an alligator/crocodile in the tank when I took this photo. I don't know if it is real or not. I'm hoping not since the tank walls are very shallow.

Clams anyone?

Sweets like giant cookies, cupcakes and ice creams are delicious as well.

 Cupcake Royale is a local cupcake shop. They have several locations, which you can find on their website (just click the link above). They make amazing cupcakes and now ice cream! I didn't have time to stop in for a sinful bite of ice cream, but I hoping to stop by the next time I'm in town! If you have a sweet tooth like me you won't want to miss out on their cupcakes, otherwise you will regret it...just a *light* warning.

If you don't like cupcakes then all I can say is "what's the matter with you?!", I'm just kidding! Don't worry as I mentioned they now make ice cream, so check out their flavors! If their ice cream is as good as their cupcakes I'm sure you will be more than satisfied!

I love Beecher's handmade cheese shop! They make a great variety of cheeses and you can ask for samples! If you like cheese you won't want to miss out on this shop. It may be a little pricier than you usually pay at your supermarket for cheese, but these are no supermarket cheeses! Their cheeses range from $19- $25 per lb. Don't worry you won't be buying a pound of cheese! Well, if you are a caterer or throwing a really big party you might....Either way stop by the shop for a sample and decide for yourself.

 The group of men in front of Starbucks may not look like it, but they are fun singers! They add to the atmosphere of Pike Place and to help them out you can buy their CD.

Seattle can not be mentioned without Starbucks being added somewhere in there. This is the first Starbucks shop (type in Pike Place in the store locator for directions) in Seattle and even today it gets loads of people! There is another Starbucks around the corner, it's bigger and newer....but it's not the very first Starbucks one. 

The singers outside Starbucks do help to entertain the crowd waiting in line for a coffee at Starbucks.

When you visit Seattle, Pike Place Market can NOT be missed! Don't forget!