Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kyoto, Japan: The Many Statues in Daigoji

There are many statues around the temple grounds, but I am only showing a few of them to you. If you want to see all of them (which you should) then please try to visit here!

The tree with the red bark is called Akamatsu. I tend to associate them with stories from history...I'm not sure why.

The Lotus flower is such a strong symbol in Buddhism. The idea is that people are like the Lotus flower, we grow in the mud, but with hard work and dedication we can grow out of the dirt and grime. That we, as people, can change from bad to good. 

This statue is of Achala, the destroyer of illusions and will help to give you strength.

The reclining Buddha statue.

Buddha teaching his disciples even on his death bed, even in pain, to help his disciples.