Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kyoto, Japan: Daigo-ji Temple

 I have had the opportunity to visit Kyoto a few times, but this was the first time for me to visit Daigo-ji.

From the Kyoto Station it's about 30 minutes away by bus.The simplest way is to find the bus stop next to Hotel Keihan. There should rows of bus stops in front of this hotel, it is not there. It is on the side of the hotel (if you are facing the hotel entrance, standing in front of the many bus stops, it is on the left) the bus stop is called Hotel Keihan Mae (ホテル京阪前). You should be able to reach this hotel from the Kyoto station exit Hachijo (京都駅八条口). The bus is the Keihan Bus (京阪バス) and it should say Yamashina Kyuko (山科急行). This bus will drop you off in the temple's parking lot.

 From the moment you step on to this path you will notice just how beautiful this place is. I came here when the temperature was still a little warm, so the leaves hadn't changed color, yet. This area in Autumn would be amazing to see.

This is a designated World Heritage Site.

 It looks like I am on my way to fulfilling my hope to see all of the World Heritage Sites in Japan. 3 down and only about 12 (or so) more to go....ho boy, wish me luck!

The technique and time that it must have taken to create these statues...I can't even imagine. I would have loved to have seen these when they were first debuted, but I'm sure with age they have gained more character.

On the other side the pure color of the trees was what caught my attention, especially against the contrast of the faded red gate.