Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Where To Visit: Nagoya Castle

If you need proof that you visited Nagoya Castle you can get this stamp. Woohoo!...yeah, I'm not sure what you would do with this. I'm thinking it is more for the kids.

Transportation for the rich back in the day.

I think my a** would have fallen asleep along with my legs and toes! Also, I'm sure the up and down movement from the two people carrying the carriage would have made me nauseous as well. I'd rather walk thank you!

There are 2 statues of Shachihoko on the top of this castle. The used to be made of gold, but they apparently had a problem with people stealling the scales for money. Then, they were made of bronze and these are the ones that were in the fire during WWII. They had completely new ones made and placed on top of the rebuilt Nagoya Castle.

Here is the other one and also the giant version they have in the lobby area of the castle. It's one of Nagoya's symbols so they needed a giant Shachihoko in the lobby. But, at least it is the color the original versions would have been when they were made.

What is fun to do is locating the different marks in the stone walls. Each mark represents the different families that helped to build or have the castle built...I think for the original castle.

This one looks like a segment of an orange.

This one I have no idea, but it looks cool!

It kind of looks like chopsticks with steam or fire coming off of them...what do you think?

This is a giant bath tub that used to have gold sheets or flakes placed on the bottom. This bath tub could probably fit 4 - 5 people, sitting cross legged, comfortably.

Here is another marker that reminds of Tokugawa Iyeyasu's symbol.

See you again Nagoya Castle!

This is the little souvenir that I got for myself. I couldn't resist, it was too funny! There is a mini Shachihoko biting the tail of Rody a donkey or horse like character.