Friday, November 30, 2012

Kyoto, Japan: A Gate in Daigoji

I wanted to share this photo with you. One, because it is such a common site to see. Ojizo-sama's with a bib wrapped around the statue or a hat covering Ojizo-sama's head. From what I have learned this is to show thanks for protecting a sick child and also he is the one that helps child who pass on before their parents. Two, because when you see one of these statues (which you will if you visit Japan)  you now know why they seem to be dressed as children.

This guy is bowing after he passed through the gate. This is what people are supposed to do before entering and after leaving, but most people don't...unfortunately, I am in the group that doesn't.

I've always wondered what these stickers of names were for. I'm not sure if it is true for all of them, but it seems that these are the names of people who gave donations. I'm assuming big donations, because if everyone got to put a sticker somewhere for donating just a 10 yen coin you probably wouldn't be able to see the wood anymore.