Thursday, November 8, 2012

Yamanashi, Japan: If Only It Wasn't Cloudy

My mother came to visit me and we went to Yamanashi prefecture. Normally, you can see Mt. Fuji. Unfortunately for me it was too cloudy to see Mt. Fuji. There was only one brief moment when the clouds parted and I got a glimpse of Mt. Fuji. Of course, this didn't give me enough time to take a photograph. I'm hoping the next time I visit I will be able to see Mt. Fuji.

 On the bright side there were some amazing cloud formations throughout the day!

There are many lakes in the area. Fishing seems to be very popular here.

Prime example of clouds and people fishing.

I have to say the moment I saw these swan boats..... I wanted to ride one!

We were on a bus tour, so after eating lunch we only had a limited time. I had enough time to take these photos, buy some souvenirs and eat ice cream. I will show you the souvenirs and ice cream in another post.

These swans were definitely the aim for many families and couples. I'm not sure which was more popular, the swans or the ice cream...

Across from the Funatsuya Rest House.