Sunday, October 14, 2012

Seattle Series: Chambers Creek Beach

 As I mentioned in the previous post this is in the city of Tacoma. Tacoma is about 30- 45 minutes (by car) from Seattle. It is a popular area for people to get some exercise in the fresh air, to walk their dogs or to just enjoy the view!

 This bridge goes over some train tracks. If you wait long enough you can see a train pass under here.

 If you are into architecture or art you may want to visit this location. Of course, if you are just looking for a new place for a walk you are welcome here too!

 Walking around here was very refreshing!

 All along this beach you will find drift wood and other things that wash up from the ocean.

 A prime example of some visitors walking their dog. (Please be respectful and pick up after your dog! There are places to throw the bags away to help keep this area clean)

 Under the bridge you can see 2 people enjoying the beach. In the next post I will take you onto the beach!