Monday, April 16, 2012

Barcelona, Spain: Sukaldari Restaurant

 Near the Mercat La Bouqueria was a restaurant called Sukaldari restaurant. It was in our guide book, but our guide book was not lying when they said this restaurant was really good with nice waiters. Our waiter was willing to make recommendations for us and the service was pretty fast.

Of course, since I was in Spain I had to drink at least one glass of Sangria!

 There was a bar where couples liked to sit. We would have except it was full.

 Tapas! We really enjoyed the tapas and being able to go to the bar and look at the different dishes was fun.

This was our main dish of fish in a tomato sauce. It was good, but I have to say when you are drinking it is more interesting to have a variety of dishes instead of one main dish.

 The salad was very simple. Again.....the tapas!