Friday, May 25, 2012

Hotaru Ika Museum: Toyama, Japan

 This was a museum for the Hotaru Squid which is a really small squid. It is famous in Toyama, it's so famous that they made a museum! The musuem is fun for kids, but the gift shop is great for adults! They offer a lot of different snacks made from squid!

 Okay, this photo might be a little freaky for some people.....looking at it now it creeps me out a little bit. lol

 There was a pond in the middle of the room with crabs, some fish and anenomes. I think everything in the pond was dead so the kids could touch kid actually fell into the pond. It was pretty funny. I felt bad for the kid, because he started crying once he realized that everyone was staring at him in surprise, but otherwise funny. He was soaked! So a word of caution watch your step around the pond.

You can see the ocean on the back side of the museum. The light was beautiful bouncing off the water.