Thursday, May 16, 2013

An Angled Cable Car

These are a few more views from the Ropeway. The sun helped cast great shadows on the snow.

After the ropeway we rode a cable car that was angled. It was a little disorienting when I got on the cable car at first. You kind of feel like you are about to fall forward even though you are standing straight up. 

 Of course, after riding one earlier to go up the mountain this wasn't a big deal. Especially, since this one was all tunnel and no view. I didn't have a chance for photographs in the first one, because there were so many people and I was on the side facing the rock wall. (Just my luck)

The people who work here constantly tell people not to run. People tend to hurry to get to the next transportation as quickly as possible. It's to get on the first available car or wait in line for 20 minutes. But, when the stairs are steep and you are carrying packs like in the photo above, people can hurt themselves. So, even if you don't like lines no matter how fast you move you will have to wait in line. (In other words just take it easy and enjoy the experience, how often do you ride something like this?)

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