Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Snow Wall of the Alpine Route

I have to admit when I first heard about the snow wall I didn't think much of it. It took some convincing by my boyfriend for me to come along on this trip. I hate to say it, but he was right.

If you look closely on the bottom left corner you can see that some people have drawn pictures in the snow. I saw some characters like Doraemon and Anpanman (I swear I saw Chopper from the One Piece manga drawn in the snow, too)

The wall was 18 meters tall at the tallest point on this day. I say point, but that "point" lasted for a while.

Looking at the wall of snow really made you see just how much it snows in this area.

Walking on top of the wall (sort of). It's all snow for as far as your eye can see.  It almost seems like there only mountains and that no cities exist on the other side (but don't worry they do!)

If you didn't have a chance to go this year I hope you will next year. The road to the snow wall and the mountains is usually opened sometime in May. You have to check the weather schedules to see if the pass is open or not. Of course, the snow wall will melt at some point, but the mountains will still be there. The view in summer and autumn are known to be just as beautiful, but not as cold!

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