Friday, November 15, 2013

A Stroll Through Downtown Santa Fe

 I love everything about this building. The ivy, the awning, the balcony, the color....

 There were quite a few shops to stop. I found a chocolate shop that I was somehow able to tear myself away from without buying any chocolate. I would have bought some, but I wasn't sure how well they would have held up in my suitcase in Japan where it was still quite hot.

A shampoo explosion is bad, but a melted chocolate explosion? I didn't want to try my luck.

 I loved the souvenir shops, which yes are a little over priced. But then again that's part of buying souvenirs and it helps the local economy....hopefully, the local economy. No matter what it is a good way to bring home a little of the local products to remind you of your time there.

Can you tell I am a souvenir addict?

 If you walk just a few minutes from the center of the town you can find galleries and quiet streets like these. Part of it was that it was the off season, but I can't imagine tourists swarming this area. It felt more like the area the locals would spend their time. Quiet and simply decorated cafes and restaurants. Plenty of apartment buildings and office buildings.