Monday, February 21, 2011

Giant Omelete

 I really liked the decor in this restaurant. They had this wall that had different spices and legumes in this sections of the wall.

 This is me, shocked at the size of my omelete. I didn`t know omeletes came in this size, but I was not prepared for Sato`s omelete which you can see further down in this entry, if you can`t wait. (^-^)

 I had the omelete with yukari rice inside and grated Japanese radish on top. Here I am pouring ponzu on top.....Yum!

 A view of the inside of my omelete.

 Sato ordered the extra big omelete without asking the waitress how big the regular is.....he likes to assume that regular is never enough food for him. So, this is him shocked at how giant this thing is. He ordered the yukari rice filling with grated nagai imo (long potato, that gets thick and sticky when grated, like natto) and mentaiko (cod roe).

 Sato using the chopsticks to show just how big this thing is....he did Not eat this with chopsticks......that would have taken hours.....he shoveled it in with a spoon.

 Sato showing his "I`m so happy it tastes sooooo good!" face. Plus, this shows that the omelete was about as big as his head.

This is me, stuffed to the point where I could not finish my omelete, but very satisfied! Thank you omelete restaurant in Higashi-ku Aeon! I tried some of Sato`s omelete and it was very good! If you like mentaiko and don`t mind the sticky-ness of the potato, you will like this option. If you want more of a Japanese flavor omelete try the one I had. It was very refreshing! Enjoy!