Friday, February 18, 2011

Real.....Or Fake Sushi?

 I was out shopping with a friend when we came across this amazing view! Look at all the sushi!! I think I died and went to heaven!

 Unfortunately, this display is all fake. For those of you who have been to Japan before you have seen this many times. But, for those of you who have never experienced seeing this fake display in Japan, it is shocking to see how real the fake food can look sometimes in Japan. Of course, the more real it looks the more expensive it was to make. Many restaurants (especially restaurants in department stores) have a display of what foods you can find in that restaurant. It is to entice people to want to come in and eat their food.

Yeah, this display would bring me in......if I was hungry. It would work like a charm. I was more surprised at the sheer amount of sushi they had made to put on display! I had never seen so many types of sushi like this before! I couldn't resist taking a picture. (^-^)y