Friday, January 4, 2013

Seoul, Korea: Food

The restaurant Giljy had a nice atmosphere. If we had more time to spare we would have relaxed here a bit, but we had a play to get to. This is an Italian restaurant (on the second floor), but there is a cafe fore drinks on the first floor.

At this restaurant you get free bread with balsamic vinegar with olive oil (you can ask for a refill, we did).

  Plus free pickled vegetables! These were really good and I polished these off.

Italian style Topokki.
We hadn't eaten breakfast (we slept in) and we had walked around in the freezing cold to take in the Changdeokgung Palace. So, naturally we were starving! We were on our way to see the Korean play "Miso" at Jeong-dong Theatre and we had just enough time to inhale this delicious dish. Normally, this is bought at a street vendor, but we wanted something to eat and there was only this restaurant close to the theatre.