Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Seoul, Korea: Gwanghwamun Gate

 When you walk out of the station you can see this statue and the mountains.

 Looking towards the subway entrance you can see the city.

 If I remember correctly this is the statue of the man who created Hangul.

 The Gwanghwamun Gate. Does the mountain look like a wave to anyone else?

 It's interesting how different the view is depending on which direction you are looking in. This way you only see the city, but if you turn around you see a big gate and the mountains.

 The guards were standing so still in the wind and cold that I started to wonder if they were wax figures.

 Then this guy started fidgeting and I realized there are real people standing in the cold! I hope they had down jackets under there, because it was freezing! The colors of the flags and the clothing were a great contrast against the white of the gate.

Inside this passage way is a great mural of 2 horses. Make sure to look up when you pass through here.