Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ohina Sama: Girl's Day Celebration

The beginning of March is when people celebrate Girl's Day in Japan. Only families with unmarried daughters celebrate this day. Supposedly, if parents don't put out the Ohina sama dolls a week before Girl's Day and put them away by the end of the next week the daughter won't get married. It's an old wives tale, but I'm sure no one wants to test it so they follow it.

No matter, the dolls are beautiful so they should be put out on display! All of these dolls were at the home of one of my friends. I'm not sure why they had so many, but it was fun to see the different faces, clothing and decorations each set had. 

 Some families will choose to buy just the main set, but some people will buy the whole entourage of dancers, musicians, singers and maids. It was a lot of fun playing spot the Ohina sama, because I found them in unexpected places. I will show you next time!

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