Saturday, November 20, 2010

Girls In The Japanese Lolita Fashion*

 Here you can see their outfits. We (my friend who is in this picture on the right) aren't really sure what they were dressed up as, but I'm sure it is some kind of anime that we don't know of. They looked cute though!

Here I am with them. I couldn't bring myself to do the peace sign when I was taking the photo. lol They were really nice and took a picture with their own camera too. Maybe they wanted to show their friends, "hey look, we took a picture with some foreigners!" I wanted to show my friends "hey look at their costumes!". I can only assume that they wanted a picture for about the same reason as I did. Oh yeah, we were waiting in line for the ATM at the 7 eleven in Sakae when we took this picture.

* I was informed that this post title was incorrect. That I shouldn't call this a costume or that they are "dressed up" since it is a type of fashion in Japan, so I have changed the title of this post. Hopefully, it is an appropriate title. (^-^) If not, the comment box is available!