Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mameya Nori Nori Restaurant

The sign outside the restaurant. We had to take off our shoes at the front door and the wait staff are walking around barefoot. That's the first time I have ever seen that!

 The restaurant's sake collection. The couple next to Sato and I were practically trying every single one, or at least they were drinking enough to have tried every one of them twice!

 Some more of their sake collection their dish collection.

 The other side of the restaurant had more tables close to the window. At the end of the bar was the water fountain that continuously trickled water....very calming. It would have been more calming if the lady next to us wasn't smoking up a storm throughout our meal, but still calming.

 The standard dish and chopsticks with a little coaster for our drink.

 The bar was made out of this one piece of wood....maybe I should just say it was made out of one tree. It was a thick bar with the natural grain of the wood visible.

 Our menu and an ashtray. (Yes, the lady next to us had the same type of ashtray)

 The complimentary appetizer. Just a little something to tide us over until our food started arriving.

 This restaurant is known for their house made tofu. This is one of their tofu sets and it was really good! The tofu had a lot of flavor and I wouldn't mind going again and just having this!

 The sushi chef at work! This guy was busy for the rest of the night!

 Gingko nuts, this one tasted a little different from the ones we had at another restaurant, but they were still good. The other ones were a little bigger.

 Our shabu-shabu nabe with soy milk instead of the traditional water or dashi. This was the first time I ever had this and it was really good! I think I may like it better this way! I will definitely be asking Sato to take me here again!
 The vegetable set for the shabu-shabu.

 The pork came with the set too, but I didn't eat this. Although, Sato was eating it like it was the best pork he has ever tasted so I'm thinking it was pretty good. Plus, he ordered another set and ate it all himself since I couldn't eat anymore....when I say another set I mean the pork and vegetable all over again.

 Here is a view of the shabu-shabu with the vegetables in it and Sato bringing the meat into the nabe.

 Here is a view of the vegetables. I dipped them in a ponsu sauce (soy based with a citrus flavor). I took this photo when it was still steaming, so it's not blurry just steaming. lol

 The sashimi good! They were thick pieces, too!

 For dessert we went to our favorite cafe. Cafe Vincennes! They have the best cakes, coffee and tea. I had the Cafe ole (probably spelling that wrong in English, but that's how it's pronounced in Japanese, take it or leave). It was coffee and milk and it was really good. You can see the cake that I had for dessert next to it and then Sato's eclair in the background.

 Here is a close up of Sato's eclair. he was a little disappointed, not because it wasn't good, but because it had whipped cream inside instead of a cream custard.

Here is a shot of my cake from the other side. I had to show this side, because this was the only side that had the green color on top. This cake had peaches and pears inside with whipped cream and the oh so delicious cake......ok, I'm getting hungry again!