Saturday, October 30, 2010

Cafe Ma Maison

 Sato and I wanted to get some coffee so we came here. Cafe Ma Maison! The windows aren't frosted, it's just steamy from the heater that is blasting at high heat inside.

 If you see this ice cream cone outside a restaurant or cafe your chances are very good that they serve ice cream!

 It was pretty late in the day when we came here so their cake display is a little low, but still looks very appetizing!
 The decor inside this place was really nice. It was relaxing in here. Also, considering that the chairs were made of wood and had no cushions they were pretty comfy!

 When you look at these chairs, comfy isn't exactly the word that first comes to mind, but they were.

 You can see what the other side of the cafe looks like from where I was sitting. This is a mirror so it's a reflection of what I was seeing. You can see one of the employees behind the counter and a couple customers on the other side of the cafe. You can see the Halloween decorations that they put up. It's an American holiday, but people like to decorate for Halloween in Japan. Some people even get dressed up and go to clubs or a party.

 Sato and I waiting for our order.

Our table post-arrival of our order. I had the Ma Maison latte, it was really good! I would definitely order it again. Sato had the organic coffee which came in the kettle pot that he got to pour himself. We also ordered the raspberry torte which had fresh whipped cream and custard with some raspberries and one blueberry on top. Delicious!