Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sushi-House: Ayame

 This restaurant is so good that we have come to this restaurant 3 times in the last month! It's a sushi house, but we always order the spicy eggplant dish (I was unable to take a photo of this dish, because we were so hungry that we devoured it before I even thought about taking pictures). This picture with the shrimp, tofu, cabbage, mushrooms and various other seafood items is a nabe, or hot pot. This particular hot pot is made of paper! It doesn't burn and the water doesn't go through it, but you can tear it like paper (we tested this). We think that once the broth and food is gone the paper would burn if the fire stayed lit .

 Here you can see the flame for the nabe and the wire basket holding the paper in place.

 Sorry, we were REALLY hungry that this isn't even the first plate that we ate. Literally, there were about 2 of these plates before this one that we just descended on it like seagulls finding the one piece of food on the beach. This one had abalone on the left, sea urchin on the bottom right and above the sea urchin was tuna rolls.

 Here is a picture of a type of clam that I don't know in English, in Japanese it's called "akagai" (I'm not a fan of this clam, but I can eat it). The rolls were tuna again.

 Here is an actual visual of the inside of the tuna rolls. Next to them is the tuna nigiri, YUM!

 I took an extra photo of this one because it was like the rice had a roof over it's head! I'm thinking it was the last of the tuna and it ended up this shape, but it was just funny to see a house made of tuna. I would have eaten this gigantic piece, but I was sooooo full! It was a lot of food, you don't understand how much Sato and his brother (especially his brother) can eat! The restaurant is small and it was at full capacity today, but I think we were the ones that mainly cleaned out the restaurant's stock of fish for the day.

 Here is what Sato's dad was eating. His dad is pretty picky about what he will and won't eat. It's hard to say what he will, but he will eat this egg roll and eel. The egg is a little sweet and it is soooooooo good!

 This is what our table looked like once we were all done and all the food was eaten.
                          The seagulls are now full and are heading for home.

For people who want to have sushi delivered to their home this is what sushi would come in. Once the food is gone you would rinse it out and return it to the sushi house. I think this sushi house only uses it for New Year's Day when every one has a reservation for food to be delivered to their home.