Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rice Paddy

 It was raining, so the owner wasn't working on his rice paddy, but the birds were hard at work....picking up the loose rice grains. There are pigeons, but there are also sparrows, which you can't see because they blend in with the cut rice stalk.

 This is what the rice paddy looked like before they started cutting the rice. This is a view from my window on the east side.

 Here is the guy cutting down the rice stalks and a woman bundles them up to dry....see the bottom of this picture for the bundles.

 Here is the woman that is putting the rice stalks into bundles to dry. She is covered from head-to-toe to protect herself from the sun and bugs. Most women who work in the field is dressed like this to protect themselves...sometimes it looks like the same woman is in three different fields since you can't see her face.

 Here is the machine that the guy uses to cut the rice stalks with. Although, the machine broke down so he couldn't finish cutting the rice stalks. He came back again the next day with three more guys and a bigger machine, but that broke down too. Tough days for the rice paddy owner.

This is what the field looked like when they gave up on trying to fix the machine. I think they wanted to finish cutting half of the field, but that didn't happen. Now, the field looks like the very first picture that you saw. Rice stalks in big bundles with birds pecking around, picking up the extra rice, and probably earth worms since it's raining.