Monday, October 4, 2010

Marron With A Mask....Don't Even Think About Taking It!

 Here is Marron with Sato's face mask. He just finished working and took off his mask and Marron snatched it out of his hand for her fun time. For some reason this dog loves face masks!
 She is sooo cute!....except when you come close to the mask she growls.
 Notice she is not leaving the mask alone.
 I didn't know where else to put this picture, but I thought I would show how many plants Sato's mom has.
This is only their veranda. In the kitchen there is just as much in there. I think half of these are plants that Sato bought and his mom is now taking care of them. lol I think she likes the plants though, so that's good. My apartment has one plant and I made sure it was a plant that I could periodically water and it will still survive. I do not have a green thumb.