Thursday, October 21, 2010

It Was Cheap, But It Was Good!!

 This is the set that I had. In the middle bowl is chicken, potatoes and some green onions in a broth. The flavor was simple, but good! The upper right bowl is cold tofu (I poured soy sauce on top later) and the bottom right bowl is fried chicken......delicious. The upper left bowl is red miso soup with wakame and green onions. I think everybody can tell that the bottom left bowl is rice, but the two dishes above the middle bowl is probably not obivous. The left one is Natto, or fremented soy beans, I really like Natto, but it's not for everybody. The right one is Takuwan or pickled Japanese radish. They both go very well with rice!

 This is the set that Sato had. The bowl on the right is Udon. Th bowl on the left is tuna and nagaimo (a type of potato that gets sticky when it is grated) on top of rice.

Here is a close up of the tuna. I'm thinking it was really good, because he inhaled his food and made yummy noises. lol