Monday, October 11, 2010

View From The Flying Fuji-San

 Sato and I went to the flower garden and we went up on the flying Mt. Fuji. It was a ride that goes up and it gives you a 360 degree view of the area in seven minutes. We went up at a good time, because the sun was setting.

 Here is a view of.....the parking lot, but beyond that you can see all the buildings of the city.

 Here is the lake in the flower garden. The purple is flowers, but it just looks like a purple blob from up high. lol

 This is the other half of the lake, you can see the bridge that goes over the lake. During the winter they put up lights all over the place, but during the Fall you get to enjoy the natural colors.

A shot of the sun setting before we started going back down. Next blog will be of the flowers that we saw, and don't worry there are PLENTY of photos. Oh, and the flying fuji-san is what we were on. The middle of the carousel is Mt. Fuji and since it's up in the air Sato and I were calling it the Flying Fuji-san. lol