Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Jietai- Japanese Military Doing A Drill Performance

 So, when I took this photo it wasn't a big deal. It seemed more corny than anything, but then after I took the picture I realized it looked like Japan was organizing their military. lol I just wanted to clarify here that it was a drill PERFORMANCE and there really weren't that many military people and half of them had to be driven in from other prefectures. This is probably the only time they get to use their ammo (blanks) and gas and training...unless there is a natural disaster somewhere....or if one of the neighbors find a snake in their yard.....
 I felt bad for the marching band. They had to play for so long! They had to play for a good 2 hours altogether and half of that was continuous.
 I liked the fish mark on the tank and thought I would share. This mark was on most of their vehicles, apparently it is to show that it is Nagoya's property.
 When I took this picture I thought it looked like flying bugs. This is the second one so it doesn't seem like it as much, but the first one really did look like bugs were coming at me.
 Their helicopters doing some drills was more loud than interesting.
 They really didn't do more than this. It was just a fly by to show how much gas they could use in one day.
 Here they are fake fighting. Showing off their skills....I wonder how handy this skill is in real battle since they would have to actually hit someone.
 Showing their fire power (it was all blanks), but it was really loud. They had some soldiers raise signs to tell everyone to cover their ears.
 The yellow smoke is supposed to be smoke from gunfire....I guess? There was red smoke, white smoke and then this yellow smoke. Maybe it was just for effect and no real significance other than to symbolize smoke from gunfire.
This was probably the most interesting part for me. This building has been standing since before World War II. It was formerly their mess hall, but is now their garage.

Well, I hope you liked the Jietai drills. I tried to keep it short, but still show you what kind of drills they did. They have been doing this kind of performance, once a year, for over 30 years. I guess the people like it since a lot of people did show up to watch. Truthfully, I like the Blue Angels show much better, but that's just me.