Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sushi Extravaganza!

 Here is all the sushi that Sato and I bought at the grocery store. We got it all at 30% off because we bought them after 8pm. The first discount about 20% happens around 7pm and then the second mark down. I'm sure there is a 50% mark down when it gets to be an hour before closing time. They need to get ride of the fresh fish or it just goes to waste. It's not exactly fresh fish anymore the next day, so they have new fish for the following day. If you get off work late at night while the grocery store is still open it's great, but of course you can only choose from what is left over. If you are lucky there are still some good stuff left, but if the grocery store is lucky there is nothing left. This happens in all grocery stores and not just the fish, it's also the deli food!

This was only about 200 yen off, but it had some good stuff in there!


This is my kind of buffet!

This squid was really good! It wasn't tough nor did have a fishy smell! It was sooo good! I got to sit at the fish end so I was in Heaven!!