Friday, October 8, 2010

A View From A Train Station and Curry at Coco's Curry House

 I took this picture when I was crossing over the train tracks to get to the exit. One of the windows was open and I could see the tracks for a while. Also, you can see the part of the tracks where people and cars cross over (I walk over this part to get to Sato's house every time from this station).
 The other night Sato and I felt like eating curry so we went to Coco's Curry House which is all over the place like Denny's. For how cheap it is they have pretty decent curry. I had the veggie curry at a level 2 (you get to choose how hot you want it) and it's a decent kick.
Sato had the seafood curry at a level 1 since he doesn't like spicy food. He had a tiny little bite of mine and the first thing he said was "Hot! Oh yeah, that's spicy." and drank down a lot of water. lol So, if you don't like spicy food or can't handle spicy food, choose level 1 for how hot you want it when eating here.