Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy New Year's! It is now 2011 and the year of the Rabbit

This is where you cleanse your hands before going to ring the bell and throwing your coin into the box at the shrine. This is the first time I have seen a dragon as the fountain...I like it!

This is what I saw while Sato and I were waiting for midnight to arrive.

After ringing the bell and throwing your coin into the box you get to drink some sake and mochi in sweet red beans.

Sato and I got here about 45 minutes before midnight and yet there were a lot of people already there waiting before us. But, the good news is we got there before the line got REALLY long.

Our turn is getting closer!

This fire, which was built by the fire department and manned by the fire department, helped to warm everybody up while waiting to get to the front of the shrine.

Sato took more than just this one photo of the fire, because he just HAD to get a close up of the fire. lol

I took in the sights of the grounds while we were waiting.

The guardian of the shrine (there's always a pair of them and they sit on opposite sides of each other) and you have to pass by them to get to the shrine.

The sake!

The mochi and sweet red beans! It was really nice and warm!

Me enjoying the mochi and sweet red beans and the sake.

I saw these little statues on my way out and thought they were really cute!

This is the free gift from the temple.

I don't know why they gave out chopsticks, but that's what was inside.

Once Sato and I got back we drank this Sparkling Apple Cider that I found. It was really good, just thinking about it makes me want some.

This is me looking into the bottle and wishing that I could just stick a straw inside and drink the whole thing without sharing. lol

Sato and I went to a different temple in the morning with his parents.

This is Sato passing through the shrine gates. Apparently, you are supposed to go to different shrines that are not just in your ward, but also in the neighboring wards.