Monday, January 10, 2011

Osu Kannon Temple and Shopping Arcade

 When I stepped into the temple grounds this was the first thing I saw. I thought it was so cool I could not resist taking a picture and sharing!

 This is me in front of the temple!

 Inside the temple you can buy different kinds of Omamori, they are supposed to help protect you from bad health, bad influences, etc. You buy a new one every year and have the temple burn the old one. Also, it is better if you go to the same temple every time.

 So, this would have been a great picture......if it weren't for the old man picking his you know what. What timing! It's like he knew I was taking a picture. lol

This is the picture I was looking for! Now if that old man was doing the same thing in this picture, he is too far away to tell. Phew!