Monday, January 17, 2011

Monta Updates!

 Within the past 2 months Monta has grown so much!! He's practically full grown now! This is Monta fighting the urge to fall asleep and not succeeding. lol

 Monta, being the little prince that he is, felt that he needed a pillow to cushion his behind while eating.

 Monta is soooo cute when he is sleeping!!!

 This is Monta's grumpy face. When I get home from work and I turn on the lights he has this look on his face. He also does the "oh, that's bright!" look, too.

 Monta: "I know it's in here! I just know it is, I can smell it!"

 "Oh, come one! I know you're in here! I'm close, I can feel it!"

 Monta being friendly, yay! It took him about 2 months to finally get used to me.

 I had to take a picture of his feet, because he likes to stand with his feet touching with the toes pointing outwards. I just thought it was cute and that I would share.

 This is Sato working on becoming friendly with Monta. Monta isn't as used to having Sato pet him as he is with me, so Sato is always on the lookout for the signal that he should move his hand away, really quickly!

 Sato playing "Go Fish....for Monta!", but Monta isn't having any of it.
Monta: "What are you doing? Can you just.....throw the string normally?....weirdo."

Monta being naughty and realizing that he was caught red handed he decided to try and play it cool.
Monta: "What? I'm not doing anything..."